A Dream

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A DreamA Dream (Part 1)================I am walking into a big, naturally lit room, with a marbled tile floor. In that room are a big double bed, a large kitchen table; upon which are layed a number of items :-A silk scarfTwo pieces of ropeA riding cropA spreader barA glorious purple butt plugI am dressed in hold up stockings, with 4 inch high stiletto heels, a black thong, frmo the waist up I am naked, no jewellery adorns me.Looking around I see you, standing motionless, your chestnut hair touching your slender neck and shoulders. You too are wearing stockings, but with a suspender belt. I notice your shoes, slutty heels, strapped around your beautiful ankles. I look at your for what seems an age, trying to take in every inch of you. I notice the pearl necklace you have on in your photos, just hanging around your neck, adding to your beauty.I move straight to the tabke and pick up the silk scarf, approaching you from behind I gently run my hands over your shoulders. I place the scarf around your eyes, this I do for a number of reasons. I want your senses to be alive, I want your mind to wonder what I will do. The main reason is that I am feeling a range of emotions, I am shy, I feel a little scared; scared that you will be able to see into my eyes, and deep inside me, in there you will come across 24 years of contradictions, sorry, guilt, awful sadness, and a lonliness that I can’t explain, a lonliness that eats away at me sometimes.I tie the scarf tightly, so it will not come down, staying behind you I move my lips to your earlobe, kissing it softly, my middle finger goes around your head to your lips, warning you not to make a sound, and in the barest whisper possible I converse with you :-“Dora, nod if you understand, for the time being not a word, not the slightest sound must pass your lips”You nod slowly, and I move away from your for a second.Moving back towards your I run my hand over your bolu escort bayan back, down to the crease where your gorgeous ass meets your legs, slowly running a finger around that crease. I caress your arms with the flat of my hand. Moving to the table I pick up the two peices of rope, and feed one through yur suspender belt, and gently tie your wrists to your side. I repeat this the other side. Only then do I move in front of you, I take in every thing, my mind is racing as I study your breasts, your pert nipples sitting atop them, they are glorious items of desire for me. My eyes cast downwards to your flat stomach, a stomach I want to kiss and lick, then my eyes look at your pussy, your cunt, my toy. You are fully shaved (I hope this is true, I meanwhile have a small “landing strip”). Enough of my pondering, I approach the table again and grab the spreader bar, a metre long and with leather ankle cuffs, dropping to me knees I attach one cuff your your left ankle, then slowly move your right leg to the end of the bar, attaching that cuff. Only then do I look up and see your cunt from below, is it me or is it starting to moisten, I sense a small swelling within your sex.Enough Katie, Dora cannot sense your weaknesses today, you must be stronger.I am now behind you, staring at your legs spread to the fullest, noticing how your ass cheeks have parted, I see my first prize. Kneeling behind you I open your ass cheeks, gently rubbing a finger across your puckered hole, gently teasing it.You let out a sigh which enrages me.ENOUGH SLUT !I slap your ass cheek hard with the flat of my hand, leaving an imprint.Again I concentrate on your hole, slowly rubbing it with my finger. My head moves in closer, andmy tongue snakes out, my first taste of you is your asshole, and it is making my head spin with lust and emotion, I must block these feelings. My tongue works harder on your asshole, moistening escort bolu it, I spit on my finger, and slowly, slowly push it inside the outer ring of your ass, I feel the resistance from your hole, but resistance is good, slowly my finger is inserted in your rectum. I stand, moving to the table and pick up the butt plug, approaching you from the front I pass it over your lips initially, then I force your mouth open gently and insert the plug, moisten it darling.Playing with the plug across your lips I am again losing my grip, you see I just want to grab you and make love to you, but not now, not this time. Composing myself I walk behind you again, and introduce the tip of the plug to your asshole, it is tight; some more spit eases the tip in, and I roughly pinch your ass cheeks as the plug makes it’s way in there. One final push and it is in, inserted in your rectum, one of yur holes filled as I wish.Staying by your ass cheeks I begin to kiss them, alternating between a kiss and a lick, taking flesh into my mouth and then releasing it. I move again to the table for the crop, standing behind you I run it again over the crease at the bottom of your ass and your legs, then up your ass crack, and ound in a circle, teasing you. I run it up your spine and across your shoulders. Then a swish and your ass cheek is marked, and another, and another, and another, each one harder than before, I drop to my knees to kiss the marks I have just made, to cool the heat that I have introduced, your ass has 6 stripes on it from my crop, I lick along the length of each one, tasting you, tasting my mark.I move in front of you, a moment of comedy as yoru string of pearls is caught on your hardened nipple, I toy with it, dragging it backwards and forwards, teasing it over your engorged nipple. I begin to kiss yoru lips, softly, butterfly kisses on you, then again lust overcomes me and my tongue sneaks out, easing bolu escort past your lips, running it along your teeth, and eventually meeting your tongue, in a primeavel mating dance our tongues meet, I am lost as our mouths close together I suck on your tongue. But I have to pull away, I have a job to do. I move to your right breast, kissing it, tasting it, sucking on flesh, then take your nipple between my teeth, pulling on it, then suck your nipple and aeroela into my mouth, and draw it in deeply. I release your tit from my wanton mouth, and repeat with your left breasts, ensuring your nipples are moist and erect. I remove my tongue from it and watch the trail of saliva that now joins us. PIcking up the crop I run it over your wet hard nipples, and again a swish and you flinch as the leather end of the crop connects to your nipple, pain and pleasure, again and again and again I repeat, enjoying your flinch, enjoying your lack of sound as you stand there, willing to take my treatment of lust and love.The crop moves between your breasts, and down your stomach, you are so beautiful Dora, but I must do this, I have an uncontrollable unexplained urge to do this. I reach the top of pussy, where your clit is beginning to grow, I can see it, I can sense it, my crop slowly rubs up and dow your pussy, then with more force it parts your labia, and grinds up the side, up to your clitty hood, where meets your little nub, the clit that belongs to me. I get to my knees, I need to see it, I grab your pussy, the flesh, feeling your clit beneath it, I gently start jerking it, wanking you, squeezing and releasing, your nerve endings being stimulated, but for the moment without pain, they are protected by the flesh around your cunt. Using both hands I open your pussy up, to see your sex, to breathe it.And I almost faint with desire when I do, my head is in a whirl, it’s like I can’t focus, I see the moistness in your perfect perfect pussy. I have an ugre so strongly just to eat you, to take your labia into my mouth, to suck on your button, to flick it playfully, and I would be happy to do so, but at the moment that would not quench my thirst.