A Chinese Dinner at Bev’s

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A Chinese Dinner at Bev’sI was waiting at a traffic light downtown, when a car pulled up next to me, and hinked. I was surprised to see it was Bev. “I am bringing home more Chinese takeout than I can eat…want to come home with me and share it,” she asked. I was starving – as well as quite horny – so I told her I would follow her. Thirty minutes later, we were getting out of our cars in her driveway. She walked up and gave me a long hug, pushing her breasts into my chest. She was wearing a snug white satin button down blouse, a calf-length bright blue skirt which buttoned up the front, dark brown hosiery, and a pair of blue high heels. I halped her carry the food into the house, and we chatted in the kitchen as she dished it out. She looked gorgeous, and it appeared to me that she had put on a bit of weight – but in all the right places. As curvy as she had been, her new shape enhanced her appeal. As she fussed at the counter, i saw the outline of the white four-hook bra she was wearing, and wanted to get a peek at what might be under her skirt. She pulled a step stool up to reach a bottle of soy sauce in the cabinet, and as she did so, the buttons on her skirt spread, letting me see she was wearing what looked like a long black slip. We chatted as we ate, and took liberal refills of wine. After we finished, she lit up a 120, and we had a couple more glasses of wine. I helped her clear the table, and as we were carrying plates to the sink, she tipped hers against her blouse, saying, “Oh FUCK…not on my satin blouse!!” I tossed her a napkin, but she said she needed to soak if immediatrly, and removed it as I sat there with my eyes wide open. Her bra was bright white with satin cups and straps, and had a wide lace band around the lower portion. Her breasts looked larger than I remembered them to be, and my loins began to stir. “Hope you don’t mind me standing here with my boobs out”, she laughed, “But I had to get my blouse soaking fast.” I told her I didn’t mind at all, to which she replied, “Guess you wouldn’t – seeing as how you’ve been staring at my boobs since we sat down.” I blushed aliağa escort a bit, but replied, “Yes I have…they look magnificent.” She walked past me and told me to follow her upstairs because she needed to get out of her clothes. I stood up and tried to reposition my now-hard penis so she wouldn’t notice it. “For heaven’s sake, Trev,” she laughed, “Don’t be so shy – I’ve seen your penis hard before.” Up we wnet to her bedroom, and she directed me to sit on the bed while she changed. We small-talked as I watched her unbutton her skirt and remove it. “Notice anything different?”, she asked. I replied that I didn’t recall seeing the long slip she was wearing before. “Yup…it’s new as of yesterday – bought it so I could wear this new long skirt – but you are missing my point,” she said. I looked at her with a quizzical expression, and she said, “First – have you ever seen me wear two different colour bras and slips together?” I shook my head as the blood left it to go to my aching penis. “And…can you tell I’ve gotten fat?”, she asked. I told her she looked very attractive, to which she replied, “Well, wait until the rest of this comes off – then you’ll see.” She removed her bra, and her ample breasts fell out with just a bit of a bounce. Next, she dropped the slip to her feet, revealing a white long-leg girdle with a wide satin front. Under the lace at the legs of the girdle, I noticed her garter tabs and the dark top band of her stockings. “See?,” she asked, “Fat, aren’t I?” She indid the tabs, rolled her stockings off, and slid the girdle down off her hips and down her legs. She kicked off her heels, and was standing in front of me wearing only a white nylon full panty. “Whew…it feels so good to get all of this off,” she said. With that, she sat on the bed next to me, and began rubbing my penis. “I wondered if my undies would get your attention,” she said. She began to undress me, and in a few seconds I was naked sitting next to her. Can I ask you for a favour?”, she said. I nodded, and she said, “Please flat-tongue my nipples and breasts like you did the last time we were together.” escort aliağa I spent the next several minutes doing exactly that, and had her nipples and breasts soaking wet with my saliva. She was slowly masturbating me with one hand as she fingered herself under her panty with the other. “My boobs have grown a full cup size, ” she whispered, “Do you like them?” I nodded and kept licking them. “A young guy at my office has been noticing them lately – poor k** – he’s so immature, but her knows boob when he sees them,” she laughed. I asked her if he’s gotten to feel them, and she laughed, saying, “No way Trev – they are for your pleasure only, but I did fuck with his head last week.” I pulled back a bit, and she said, “I wore a tight creme sleeveless shell uder my blazer, but I had a black bra on…you should have seen his eyes!” I told her she should be ashamed of herself, and asked if she took the blazer off so he could get a good look. “Of course, silly,” she laughed, “I guess I can be a real teasing bitch at times.” I nodded, and she playfully snapped my erection with her fingers. “So…do intend to fuck me, or are you just going to breast-feed all night?” I told her to remove her panty, but she said, “No, you do it.” I had it off her in a second, snd she said, “Taste it while I suck on you.” I had never tasted her juices before, but found them to be very pleasant – aromatic and slightly fragrant like body wash.” She had my entire shaft in her mouth, and was slowly sucking it as she worked her tongue around it. She sat up and said, “I’m going to put my new slip and heels back on for you.” I jerked slowly as she pulled the slip up her legs and adjusted the waistband. She stepped into her heels, and walked over to me. “I want you to lick my kitty until I cum,” she said, “Then you can fuck me and this new slip all you like.” She stood staddling my legs, lifted her slip to her waist, and said, “I want to stand while you make me cum.” In an instant my tongue was in her kitty, and she pulled the slip down over my head as I continued. She was swaying and telling me how no one had ever aliağa escort bayan done it to her that way before. I had my habds on the backs of her thighs, rubbing the slinky fabric of the slip. In a few more seconds, she had a moaning climax, and my mouth was filled with the juices which squirted out. I held her in place as her climax subsided, and she pulled the slip up to let my head out from between her legs. “Before the night is over, I am going to swallow what you squirt into my nouth, but for now, fuck me and this slip, Trev,” she whispered. I pulled her down onto the bed, spread her legs, and buried myself into her soaking kitty. I pumped her for a few seconds, and she had another climax under me. “Come on honey…shoot your load all over this slip to break it in,” she ordered. I stood up and pulled her to her feet. “Walk around me and rub that hard cock against my body and the slip,” she said. I did as she said, and as I did, she asked, “Do you like this warm fat ass, and these big full boobs?” I told her I loved them, and pushed her into a sitting position on the bed, straddling her knees. She pinched her fully erect nipples and said, Come on…shoot your hot cum all over this slinky black slip for me.” I was getting very close to expoding, and she said, “I counted…I now own twenty six slips, and I need you to cum on every one of them, then we start on my bras and nighties.” at that instant, I exploded literally all over her face, breasts, belly, and the new black slip. Her eyes were wide, and she said, “Oh my god…how much do you have in you?” She grabbed my ass and pulled me on top of her hot semen-covered body. “When I put this slip on this morning, I hoped you would do this soon, and now I insist you continue,” she whispered.I fell fast asleep, and awoke to find her getting into bed, freshly showered. “You go shower, and when you get out, we will go to my lingerie drawers and you select what you want to see me in next,” she said. I stood up, and asked her if could ne anything. “Anything and everything, honey,” she smiled.As I walked toward the shower, she stunned me by saying, “I think you should move in with me as soon as possible.” I returned the “stun” by saying, “That’s something I’ve been thinking about myself.” As I walked out of the room, I chuckled at the sight of her eyes and mouth wide open.