18 summers

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18 summersThe summer I turned 18 I was working as a tow truck driver before school started up again. One late night I was dispatched to a call for unknown car trouble more than 45 miles from town.Arriving on scene, I recognized the big station wagon as belonging to our neighbors and there was Mrs. Z standing beside it looking frazzled.She couldn’t see me at first because of the glare of the headlights, but rushed to hug me as soon as she recognized me. Mrs. Z was trembling a little as she clung to me and kissed my neck.I’d had a crush on her for as long as I could remember, barely 5 feet tall, dark red hair and freckles with a slim body and amazing ass and legs. She was a knockout mom of five and I’d been jerking my meat to her for years. This was back when people, women especially, never left the house unless perfectly made up and wearing nice clothes, so even in high heels she still had to get up on almost tip toes for the hug.“Oh Jackie (she was the only who got away with calling me Jackie anymore),” she said. “I’m so glad it’s you.”I was reluctant to let her go and could already feeling my teenage cock getting hard for her.“Just happy I can help,” I told her, wondering if she could feel my erection through the overalls I was wearing.“The rest of the family went ahead for a summer vacation, but i had to stay back to finish up some things,” she said. We were still embracing and my hand slipped a little lower, I thought I saw something in her eyes when we finally stepped away. I turned to say something to her as the headlights from my truck illuminated her dress perfectly and I could see the outline of her garter belt and panties. I completely lost my train of thought as she continued walking over to the passenger side of the truck and my cock hardened even more. There was a squishing noise and I shined my flashlight on the ground to see what appeared to be a huge puddle of transmission fluid. A quick check under the car confirmed it was going nowhere under its own power.Standing by the passenger door of the truck, I gave her the bad news.“Well … shit,” said Mrs. Z, then gave me a stern look. “Don’t tell anyone I said that.”I laughed.“Our secret,” I said.I started helping her up into the passenger seat. With one foot on the running board and the other in the cab, her dress was pulled tight against her ass and the hem up high enough to see a flash of bare thigh above her stockings.“So fucking sexy,” I said under my breath. Except, I hadn’t said it under my breath, she’d heard it and froze in position.Mrs. Z looked back at me, “did you just say I was sexy?”I hesitated only a moment before deciding fuck it.“No, I said you were so fucking sexy,” I said, placing a hand on her bare thigh.She sighed and moaned a little, so I moved my hand to her inner thigh and leaned down to kiss her thigh just above her stocking and she shivered.Then I stepped up on the running board and pulled her in for full on kiss with tongues teasing.“I haven’t been kissed like that in … years,” she said. So I kissed her again and longer, hand sliding all the way up her thigh. “Now, young man,” she said but gasped as my hand closed over her pussy mound.“Let me show you what I’ve been thinking about for years,” I said as I pushed her up on the seat a little, kneeling between her legs. I pushed her skirt up higher and started kissing her inner thighs, then pulled her panties aside. My tongue pushed deep through full 1970s bush to find her pussy and start licking. I spread her pussy lips, worked my tongue all over her pussy. Sucking on her meaty pussy lips, chewing on her clit. One leg hanging off the side, the other over my shoulder, I kissed and licked until she was moaning loud. I could feel her heel digging into my back as I slid my hands under her ass and lifted her hips. I’m not sure how long I was licking her, but I niğde escort explored that pussy thoroughly with my tongue until I felt her thighs quivering and the warm gush of her pussy juice down my chin. Her pussy twitching as her body goes almost completely limp, my tongue still buried deep.“Holy shit,” she said as another wave of orgasm rippled through her, I slowly unwrapped her leg from me and she lay panting. I could see the lust and desire in her eyes.“Our secret,” I said and she grinned at me.She gasped as I unzipped the overalls, letting them fall around my boots. I pulled out my rock hard cock and ushing her back a bit more, I spread her legs and shoved my cock in her still dripping pussy.“Oh, fuck,” she said. “Yes, yes.”Kissing her passionately as my teen cock throbbed and pulsed inside her. Pulling back and slamming in, again and again and again. Her pussy was not as tight as the teen girls I’d been fucking, but felt so good around my cock.“That feels so good, honey,” she said, her legs wrapping around me tighter. We were bucking, thrashing and grinding and she started yelping and moaning, but I didn’t last long before I was spurting my load into her. She held on tight with my cock balls deep in her pussy and orgasmed again. Laying halfway on top of her while she was laying halfway out of the truck we kissed deeply again as she held onto my ass.“God, that was amazing,” she said, caressing my face. “I’ve never had anyone do that to me before.”“But, you’re married with five k**s, you must have fucked a lot,” I said.She laughed, “No, honey – not that – no one’s put their tongue inside my … pussy before,” she said. “I’ve only been with Mr. Z, I was a virgin on our wedding night and he hasn’t fucked me for more than 10 years. I’ve also never had orgasms like that before.”I stared at her, “that’s fucking insane,” I said. “I’ve wanted to fuck you since the minute I met you and would be eating your pussy at every chance.” I looked down, “well maybe not right now, but …”She smiled at me, “that’s sweet honey, but … wait, are you getting hard again already?”My cock was still inside her and I was definitely getting hard again.“I want to suck your tits,” I said and started unbuttoning her blouse. Mrs. Z put her hands on top of mine, “rip it open, baby.”I ripped and tore her bra off to start kissing, licking and sucking as I started fucking her again. Her hips started to match my thrusts and our rhythm had us both cumming again fairly quickly. A big rig raced by, blowing it’s air horn and I slowly pulled out of her. I reached up and flipped on the interior light for a bit to take a good long look at her.“Mrs. Z, you are So. Fucking. Sexy,” I said.“Enough with the ‘Mrs. Z,’ you’ve been inside me,” she said. “My name is Barbara, everyone calls me Barb – which I hate, by the way – you should call me … Bobbi.”I fucked sweet Bobbi twice more before we thought we’d better head back, her blouse and bra were ruined, so I had to fumble in the back for an old tshirt of mine for her to wear. Her panties were left on the side of the road. After hooking up the station wagon, we drove back toward town, Bobbi sliding over to sit right next to me like a typical high school girlfriend, rubbing my cock and nuzzling.On the drive, she decided she would call the family back in Arkansas and say the car couldn’t be fixed right away, so she’d have to stay home longer.“But won’t Mr. Z just tell you to fly out instead?”“Honey, you know Mr. Z, he won’t pay extra for anything, not even his wife.”About halfway back, she slid all the way to the other side of the seat and turned back toward me, one leg on the back of the seat. It was amazing to see her body in shadow and then lit up by the headlights of passing cars and trucks. Once we made it back to the tow yard, I grabbed her ankle, pulled my old shirt off of her escort niğde and admired the view of her body again in the moonlight. We fucked again, coyotes howling in response to her yips and moans. I groaned loudly as I shot my load.Her garter belt had gone missing by the time we were done and her stockings were bunched around her ankles and one heel was broken from when she kicked the steering wheel as we fucked.Back at their house, we showered together, fucking in the shower. “Oh, god, oh god,” she said as she orgasmed. We made sure each other’s bodies were sparkling clean and I carried her to the bed. “That was another first too,” she said. “Never had sex in a shower.”Her hands moving over my body. “I still can’t believe you never had anyone eat your pussy,” I said. “Hey, I’m a good little Catholic girl,” she said then grinned. “Something else I’ve never done.”Bobbi moved down and started licking my cock, worshipping it completely her tongue exploring my cock nearly as completely as mine explored her pussy. Once again I showed my lack of maturity – as soon as her lips wrapped around my cock to take it in her mouth, I shot my load. Her eyes widened in surprise, but she took my cock deeper for a few moments, our eyes met as she swallowed.I returned the favor, licking, kissing and nibbling from her right ankle up and around to her left and then back up the inside, always pausing at the top for a little lick and nibble before moving on. “Don’t tease me,” she moaned and I wrapped her legs around my neck to dive back into her bush and pussy. She grabbed a fistful of my hair, twisting as I tongue fucked her until she was thrashing around like she was possessed, cumming hard on my tongue. I started to move up and she whispered “wait, wait, wait” her back arching with another orgasm.It was almost 4 a.m. when we fell asleep in each others arms. I was having a very erotic dream when I started to wake. I felt a warm feeling around my cock and heard Bobbi’s voice. I opened my eyes to see her on the phone as she straddled my morning wood. She held a finger to her lips in a shushing motion.“Fred, I don’t know what to tell you, it is what it is,” she said. “They can get the part earlier if you want to pay extra … no, no. Of course. You’re right, we shouldn’t waste the money. I’ll be fine staying home for a few more days. Yes, I said a few more days, then I could come join you … oh, yes, no that’s probably best. I’ll just stay here until you all come home, there’s lots of things I can get done around the house.”She leaned across me to hang up the phone and I pulled her down to suck on her tits again while she rode my cock cowgirl style. Fred called back later that night, just as we were close to cumming, Bobbi was biting down on her lip and looked so sexy I shot my load before she could hang up. Her pussy clamped down and milked me dry as she hung up the phone with a quick “bye.”I couldn’t resist running my tongue over every one of her freckles and I noticed how prettily her pale skin bruised from our enthusiastic fucking. I asked if she thought her husband would notice.“He might notice, but he’d never realize it was from having sex,” she said. She explained that they’d actually fucked probably only a dozen times in their entire marriage. Mr. Z only believed in fucking for procreation and would also never fuck her while she was pregnant, he was also an alcoholic and often passed out drunk early too. I didn’t know what to say and we started kissing and making out again, until she pulled back a little.“We can stop anytime you want,” she said finally. “But I don’t want us to stop …”“Me either,” I said.“Honey, you have to listen,” said. “I don’t want us to stop, but you are a young and very, very virile man. Even though it’s unlikely, it’s also possible you might get me pregnant.”Typical of a teenager, niğde escort bayan I hadn’t thought of that.“You want me to wear a condom,” I asked.“Oh my god, no,” she said. “I mean, you can, I guess. But I love feeling your cum inside me. It’s been so long since I’ve had any cum in me, but yours …”We kissed and made out some more.“We keep fucking without condoms,” I said. “Whatever happens, we deal with it.”We fucked right up to the day they were expected to come home, I would bend her over any available surface and we fucked in every room of the house and in every bed, on the floor, in the shower (again) and in the bath. She cooked breakfast most mornings, one very eventful morning the dishes ended up half broken on the floor when I shoved them away for my preferred breakfast, her pussy juice staining the kitchen table as she orgasmed on my tongue again. We fucked with her on the table then too, my cum leaking out of her pussy.We carried on fucking after the family came home too, the danger keeping the orgasms amazing and I started taking nude photos of her. She’d visit me at the garage and we’d fuck in a backroom – she didn’t mind the grease – or in her car or my truck. A few times we fucked in her bed while everyone was out of the house, always leaving the cum and pussy juice stains on Mr. Z’s side of the bed. We also fucked a couple times during parties they were throwing, we’d sneak into the backyard and I’d fuck her in the pool house or their garage.Somehow she also had a lot of problems with that old station wagon and Jackie was always there to help her out. “Oh, no, Mr. Z,” I’d say as Bobbi kissed him with the taste of my cum still in her mouth. “I couldn’t possibly charge you for helping her out.”We even went on dates out of town where we wouldn’t be recognized. Bobbi was very turned on by the scandalous looks from disapproving women when they saw our open displays of affection. If she saw some old biddy staring, she’d grab me by the neck and shove her tongue down my throat.“Yes, I am old enough to be his mother,” she’d say. “But horny enough to be his lover too.”One of our hottest dates was going to a bookstore out of town and finding a copy of the Kama Sutra, she had her hands down my jeans while still in the store. We stayed at a hotel that weekend, I don’t know what she told her family.I was fucking girls my age, but still couldn’t resist fucking her at every opportunity. She liked hearing about the younger girls I was fucking too, but was less enthusiastic to hear about me fucking women closer to her age. So many orgasms and so many stories. She never did get pregnant, although I have gotten others pregnant. She has two daughters, the older one a stuck up bitch. I’d fucked her younger daughter, but Bobbi didn’t know about it until we started fucking ourselves. She then coached me on what to do so I could fuck her older daughter – the younger one was hotter, but it was a turn on to have mom coaching me so I could fuck the older one too.“You definitely should use a condom with her, I don’t know where that pussy’s been,” she said.We lost touch with other for more than 20 years in those dark days before social media.By the time she tracked me down – on Facebook, of course – she was a grandma and great grandma. We didn’t waste time meeting up ‘for drinks’ she came to my house and I had my tongue down Bobbi’s throat before the door closed, her dress a puddle on the floor. I carried her to the bedroom and laid her down on the bed, her pussy laser smooth now I tongued fucked her until she was squealing like a pornstar. Her orgasms louder, longer and more intense and then we went straight to fucking. “Oh god, I remember that cock,” she said.Her body is still amazing in her 70s and 80s. Her slightly younger sister joined us a few times in recent years. Although they don’t play with each other, they like being fucked together and seeing each other being fucked – good little Catholic girls.We’ll be fucking again in a week or two, maybe I’ll tell more of our stories. She’s still the only one I let call me Jackie.