15 x 3

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15 x 3I got you a new Dildo; it’s 15 inches long, and 3inches thick! I know how you like that stuffed fullfeeling, but this time I think you’ve met your match.I know how you like a challenge, and I thought I wouldraise the bar just a bit. You tell me “So far Ihaven’t had much luck, I can only get about half ofthe head in, not that I don’t cum like mad trying, butit is a bit frustrating; perhaps I need a bit moremotivation, can you help to finally push me over theedge?” you ask.”No worries, I think I have just the right solution toyour problem,” I say with a grin, “besides, I’ve beenwanting to try this on you for quite awhile.”You lead me to the bedroom and I tell you to getundressed. The room is dark and sensual. Candles areburning and glowing in the soft light. The whole roomhas taken the fragrance of your perfume. In the centerof it all is your bed and on the pillow awaits yournew toy. I walk over to it as you undress. “This thingis huge”, I say as I try to wrap my hand around theshaft, “I think I can do it for you though, you’llhave to trust me completely.”A twinge of excitement runs through you, the thoughtof wrapping your lips finally around that massiveshaft has you wet already, not to mention my choice ofwords. Of course you trust me, but the mysterioustone in your voice tells you you’re in for something alittle different.I lay you on your back in the middle of the bed, andput a pillow underneath you. This raises your hipsand your smooth bald pussy eagerly awaits my touch. “We’ll start slow at first, I need to warm you up andrelax those muscles for the main event.”I pour a generous amount of lube directly on youralready soaked pussy and begin rubbing it all over,even down the inside of your thighs. “I’m alreadypretty wet, you’ve got me pretty horny with your talk””You’ll need it, trust me. This is about limits, andtonight you’re going beyond what you thought yourswere”My hands begin a deliberate massage of the musclessurrounding your pussy, the feeling is wonderful andyou begin rocking your hips slowly, thinking about mywords as a curious mix of excitement, suspense andmaybe a bit of fear envelops you.Suddenly I enter you with two fingers of both hands,gliding easily into your soaking over-wet hole. Icurve my fingers and rake them across your innermuscles, forcing them to submit and open. You canfeel them give way to my steady opening pressure, andyour clit begins to throb and pulse as it swells.As the massage continues I begin to pull outward,opening you with a steady deliberate force. Onehand’s fingers twist around and up beneath your pubicbone. I rub forcefully as another finger enters. Your G-spot begins to swell, revealing its location,and my fingers home in on their target.I pull one eskişehir escort hand out and grind the heel of its palminto your mound, exposing your clit by pushing itsprotective hood out of the way. All the while my otherhand digs deeper to surround your g-spot with warmsensations. You feel like you have to pee, but Iassure you that the sensation is only temporary, andit will pass.I now have four fingers deep inside your quiveringpussy; relentlessly stroking your g-spot in tight,hard circles while my other hand rubs your moundfeverishly. Your clit is stone hard beneath the forceof my palm, and your hips rock in a twisting,thrusting motion, begging more from my touch, tryingto enclose my hand in your hot folds.With no warning, you’re suddenly about to cum – one ofthose quick, short fast ones you get from such intenseinitial stimulation. There hasn’t been time to slowlybuild to one of your body quaking orgasms, but who’scomplaining! Your pussy clenches in quick shortbursts as the waves of orgasm crash on your body. Younotice, barely, that with each spasm as your musclesrelax, I’m forcing my hand deeper into you. Yourpussy admits me freely, since I’ve timed my thrusts sowell, but it’s almost an involuntary act. You haven’tthe will to stop me or encourage me; you’re justthere, experiencing it.Your orgasm is over, but I continue rubbing hardagainst your clit and g-spot. The sensation isoverpowering. After you cum your clit becomeshypersensitive, and the continued stimulation is toomuch for you, it almost hurts. “Oh Oh, slow down,gently–gently, let me catch my breath”But I don’t stop. “Trust Me,” I say, with a wickedgrin.Your hips are bucking wildly, trying to releaseyourself from your over sensitized state. You’re kindof giddy, and can’t really tell if your mind’scommands are getting through to your pussy. Sometimesit seems as if it’s hungrily begging for more, andeach thrust of your hips serves only to drive medeeper and harder on target. Your mind is swimmingout of control.The tables turn, and suddenly you’re aware that whatpain there is gets mixed with the pleasure in such away as to intensify it. This is a new door for you.You didn’t know you were capable of this level ofpleasure, and your mind begins to accept it (as yourbody already has!!)Suddenly I stop. “Well that should do for a warm up,”I say as I reach into a bag I’ve brought with me. Ibring out a set of wrist and ankle cuffs, fleecelined, a length of rope, and 6 small gold chains.Trust me now?After securing the cuffs to your ankles and wrists, Ibegin to attach the ropes. You’ve played at lightbondage before, but this time you’re again filled witha curious sense of excitement, fear and anticipation. What new level of pleasure escort eskişehir awaits you, and can youhandle it?I secure your wrists to the headboard, and pull theankle ropes through the headboard and back over frombehind. As I pull on the ropes, they slowly lift yourlegs up and over your head. Soon your legs are spreadwidely and pulled over your head, the ankles forceddown to bed level and held securely by the ropes. Your ankles are at the same level as your ears, yourmuscles are definitely straining, but I sit back andenjoy my handy work.Your whole body is now bent in half, with the effectthat your eager pussy is completely helpless andvulnerable to whatever I have in mind. I pour anotherhealthy dose of lube, and it drips slowly down yourslit to your ass. I take your butt plug, turn it onand slowly work it into your tight ass, gently rubbingyour clit all the while. The mix of sensations fromyour clit and ass soon encourage your muscles to relaxand soon the plug is seated firmly between yourcheeks, buzzing away dreamily.”Now we agree on a code word, if you say this word atany time I’ll stop, but don’t use the word unless youabsolutely have to” I tell you later that I picked aword that would be purposefully hard to remember, letalone say in the heat of the moment, to ensure thatyou’d only use it if absolutely necessary.I begin by rubbing the lube all over your ass cheeksand pussy. Then I attach a gold chain to each of yourlabia and two on your clit. I then stretch the labiachains around your thighs and secure them, attachingthe clit hood chains to your corset. You whole pussyis now stretched wide open and your clit is a swollenfully exposed red nub. With your labia pulled out ofthe way, the eager muscles around your pussy can beseen clasping in anticipation of my entry.I grab the dildo and lube up the tremendous shaftuntil it’s dripping with lube, then hold the tube toyour pussy and squeeze lube directly into your slickhole. You’re worked into frenzy now, you want to doit this time, and you can’t wait for me to plunge thatfat thing up your cunt. You’re like an a****l drivenmad with desire and lust, and you beg me to fuck you!I smile knowingly and place the head at the mouth ofyour cunt. With slow deliberate pressure I beginentering your quivering hole. Bound as you are thereare no folds of flesh to drag against the shaft or gettugged inside by its thickness, just a 3 inch shaftforcing directly against your hole, steadily forcingit open wider.At first, there’s no resistance. You’re absolutelysoaked with lube and the head enters easily at first.My one hand firmly coaxing your inner thigh muscles tosubmit while my other hand keeps a steady pressure onthat massive shaft.Soon, unbelievably, eskişehir escort bayan the head is in you. You’recompletely helpless but you try to rock your hips tohelp it in further. The temperature must have climbed10 degrees, ’cause you’re getting slippery with sweat.You’re very near a powerful orgasm and I know it.I push the dildo forward slightly and your gapingstraining pussy swallows another two inches. My freehand is now working your exposed clit directly with asmall vibe. You’re ready to cum, but suddenly itfeels like the dildo has hit a barrier, almost as ifanother wall of muscle deep within your pussy isunwilling to let it pass through. I feel thisresistance and push firmly against it. A shot of painruns through you and you jump. “Stop, it won’t go anymore, wait a minute!””You’ve only taken about 4 inches, and I can tell yourhungry pussy wants it all! Trust me”I push again, “ow” you shout, “right there” I whisper,”keep it right there and work it, open that pussy andwrap it around that cock, —let it in now, just workit through”I’m working the dildo in short thrusts against yourinner muscles. Each time I pull out it feels as ifsteel springs are squeezing around the shaft andshooting it out of you, and each time I push in thatmuscle wall reluctantly starts to give way. Yourriding high again, about to come like never before,and I’m ready for you.As you start to moan I pick up the pace of my shortthrusts, going just a fraction deeper each time. Yourbody has a mind of its own, as your helpless pussytries both to eject this massive intruder and toimpale itself further along its massive shaft.”I’m going to cum, oh my god I’m going to cum hard!!”you shout, fighting against your bonds to work yourquaking pussy against the dildo.”That’s it, cum for me! Cum all over that thing! Openthat pussy and wrap it around that cock! Swallow thatcock deep inside that pussy and cum!As the first wave of orgasm hits you I start plungingthe dildo deep inside your pussy; it has no choice butto obey, and each spasm clutches tightly against thatimpossible shaft. You’re cumming with a force neverimagined, and your head begins to swim as your body iswracked with stronger convulsions. You’re cumminglong and hard, there’s no end in sight, and your mindis about to go as you sense another orgasm building upbehind this one. This one isn’t even over yet andyou’re about to have another one!!Fear and lust battle for the lead as your swimmingmind slowly slips away, leaving pure lust to hungrilysoak up impossibly intense, unrelenting pleasure.Finally, after how many orgasms? Your body can’thandle any more, your whole being is soaked withpleasure and sweat; every muscle drained of energy,and you collapse in a puddle of quivering flesh.Slowly I withdraw the massive rubber cock; it makes asucking sound as air rushes into your open, pulsing,swollen, grateful pussy.I gently run my fingers through your hair, cradlingyour head and soothing you’re near hysteria.”See, I knew we could do it!